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Levelling agent

1.Levelling agent for nylon
Anionic/weakly cationic liquid
Application and uses:
*Excellent levelling properties towards acid, milling acid and pre-metallised dyestuffs when applied to polyamide fabrics.
*Excellent scouring and wetting agent, removing spin
oil ,waxes, knitting oils etc. .
*Low foaming.
*Easily diluted in cold water.

2. Levelling agent for wool/nylon
Weakly cationic liquid
Application and uses:
*Gives excellent retarding, build-up and migrating properties for acid dyes on wool and polyamide.
3.Levelling agent for polyester
Nonionic/anionic liquid
Application and uses:
*Excellent dispersing / levelling property to disperse dyes up to 130-140℃.*Retards up-take of disperse dyes onto synthetic fibers
and their blends e.g. polyamide, polyester, acrylics, and cotton/polyester.
*Being nonionic does not interfere with the dye bath additives, e.g. carriers, anionic dispersing agents, lubricants, scour/dye auxiliaries.
*Used to correct faulty dyeing by subjecting the unlevel material to a fresh bath treatment.
*Easily dissolved in warm water.
*Low foaming.
4.Dispersing agent for polyester
Anionic power
Application and uses:
*Has excellent dispersing properties, low foaming and can be used at atmosphere and high temperature in dyeing polyester.
5.Levelling agent for polyester
Nonionic liquid
Application and uses:
*Low foaming leveling/retarding agent for 100% polyester in jets, beams package dyeing.
6.Multifunction agent for polyester
Anionic liquid
Application and uses:
*Used at a level of 1-2cc/L will give an initial PH 4.5-5.0 and maintain this pH during the dye cycle.*Possesses sequestering power to Ca2+, Mg2+, Cu 2+, Fe2+ ,
but will not affect the shades of dyestuffs containing the ions.
*Maintains excellent dispersing power in the dye liquor,
up to 130-140℃.
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