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BAODING DONGFA GROUP who gather the scientist, chemist , meal drink, trading etc. Various managements as the medium-sized business enterprise group. The group company descends to establish to Baoding International Club ,and protect to settle the inside evolves the work limited company,
Baoding Zhongjin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd . The company owns the import and export rights from the government since 1993. she has gain the honor of acquiring continuously for five years" Hebei exports to reach the mark business enterprise" title, protect to settle the municipal" export the advanced business enterprise" title.
There are basic facilities such as water, electricity, vapor, cold and so on. The modern examination equipments manages with the electronics network information, part of public kits system engineering in nervous developments, work along with the pilot-runs of complete gradually, already formal the large quantity measures production.
Baoding Dongfa Group located in Baoding, the southern gate of Beijing, capital of China, is an open city and one of historical and cultural cities approved by the State Council. Baoding is the largest city which followed Chongqing, Shanghai and Beijing .
Baoding lies in the middle between Beijing, Tianjin, and Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province. It is 140 km away from Tianjin and 125 km from Shijiazhuang there by occupying a very important position in the Economic Zone surrounding Bohai Sea. It has highly developed transportation. There are Beijing-Shenzhen and Tianjin-Baoding Highway,Beijing-Guangzhou and Shenhuang Railway, Capital Airport and Shijiazhuang Airport, two ports of Tianjin and Huanghua in north of Hebei province.
As our country take part into the WTO, and the advanced production technique gradually later on, our main intermediates are all the important than before. It is one important dyes intermediates, it can be used in acid dyes, direct dyes, it also can be used in production of dyes assistance agent, such as solute salt B, optical brighter BG ,VBL,BBU, dyeing proof salt H, etc. In addition, it is also one intermediary in spices, food pigment, medicine, building materials etc.
President Mr. WANG JUNRU , general manager Mr. WANG BAOLI welcome to know with all sincerity its private takes the product, take the technique and come the investment cooperation in every kind of way.( technique three investment, fundses joins from partnership, a ground leases)
Welcome the public in sincerity know comes to investigate, talks over and cooperate, let’s begun to draw develop the blue print together.

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