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The President Of DongFa Group:WangJunRu
    The DongFa group inherits the enterprising spirit that " opens up key technology , development grows with each passing hour ", bent on making progress , struggle hard , work with perseverance , advance bravely, enterprise grow into first numerous talents assemble already, one grasp modernized research and manufacturing technology , crane one's neck to look into the distance China chemical progressive pioneer constantly , trade of dyestuffs .

The President Of Brief introduction of Baoding International Club:WangBaoLi
   DongFa people advocate the idea of " opening up the key competitiveness " , regard technology as the guide , develop through quality, bring up one and decide the issue of the battle and produce products , decisive market , decide the issue of the battle in the self- high-quality staff's team by this, can face customers , face the products , face the work , face enterprises , face the society , demonstrate social responsibility of the height and spiritual quality pursueing being outstanding. Thought all the time it was our performance goals that the customer offered satisfactory products and service!
    In the face of new historical time, we will be with energetic enthusiasm, limitless trader mobility development space, expecting the joining and cooperation of the professional personages of all circles, share the prosperity.

The President Of HongKong Advanced Chemicals Limited :YuGuanYou


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