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Sulfanilic Acid
Structural formula:
Formula : C6H7O3NS
Molecular weight: 173.19 (As international relative Atom Mass 1997)
Excutive Standard: HG/T3678-2000
CAS NO.: 121-57-3
Specification index:
Name of product
Content% ≥
99.00 MIN
Aniline% ≤
0.01 MAX
Insoluble% ≤
0.10 MAX
Property: It is white powder and turned into White crystal. Crystal water will be lost when the temperature has reached 100 ℃ . density: 1.485 (25 ℃ / 4 ℃), slightly soluble in cold water, Benzol, ethanol and ether, melting point:288 ℃ , compose at 300 ℃,it show obvious acidic and solvable in boiling water sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide.

Usage : It is one important dyes intermediates, it can be used in Acid orange Ⅱ,Acid light yellow 2G,Acid intermediary yellowish brown 4G,Acid intermediary dark yellow GG, Direct yellow GR,Reactive yellow K-RN, Brilliant red K-2G, datish red K-DG and blue K-3R, etc. It also can be used in production of dyes Whitening agent, such as solute salt B, optical brightener BG, optical brightener BBU, dyeing proof salt H, etc. it is also used in agriculture pesticide to proof wheat rust. In addition, it is also one ideal intermediary in spices, food pigment, medicine, building materiails, etc.

Package: 25kg woven bag with plastic liner or on the client’s requirements。

Transportation: Avoid crash and rain

Storage: Should be stored in dry, ventilate place, avoid wet and deteriorate.

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